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about Sue

It has become a personal goal to transform fabric scraps (of which I have many!) and other materials to create a variety of new cloth. I love to create new fabric by re-using fragments of existing materials and thread, thus incorporating an essence of those personal memories that certain fabrics and materials evoke from events and occasions in my past. My work is often linked to the ancient art of ‘kantha’ – creating new fabric from layering old or worn cloth – but with a contemporary twist. My favourite stitches include running stitch, seed stitch and fly stitch. I am also inspired by colour and the combination of textures and fabrics.


Working by hand, the creation of the new fabric pieces is time consuming. However, the process of selecting and hand stitching is calming and I love the feel, weight and added texture of each piece as the layered fabrics become one. Also, I enjoy the process of creating unique pieces that are often practical and decorative.

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